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Tin Can Bay anchorage, Tin Can Bay

Discover Tin Can Bay

A sleepy little village with a bundle to do!  Seven days a week of safe sailing in protected waters and wonderful fishing. You can hire a houseboat, take a fishing charter, hire a boat or bring your own. Tin Can Bay is home to the Great Sandy Strait which is famous for its safe and calm water ways celebrated  for a large number of water activities to be enjoyed and the abundance of wildlife that also call Tin Can Bay home such as resident dolphins - Mystique, Patch and baby Squirt.  The once in a lifetime opportunity to interact and feed these rare Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins, stand in the water and get up close and personal with these guys from 7am every morning,  to be enjoyed by the whole family or take it a step further and actually feed one of the dolphins their favourite fish for a small fee. 

One thing you just can’t leave without trying is its fresh supply of seafood caught daily in Tin Can Bay. Dine in or like many savvy travellers stock up your holiday fridge and enjoy fresh prawns, crabs and fish right on the water’s edge. There’s sailing, horse riding, shooting, two excellent bowling clubs, an 18 hole golf course and a sealed path that follows the mixture of wild and manicured foreshore around the town. But the really unique activity is Kayaking, there’s miles and miles of pristine waterways alive with skates, turtles, dozens of fish species, dolphins,  mud crabs, sand crabs, but if you just want a paddle, there’s Breakfast point, the Clickity Clack Shore, the floating tree and Snapper, Crab and Searys Creeks to explore. And then there’s bird watching, yes, you “twitchers” can have a field day, there are over 70 species of shorebirds around the “bay”. Some species fly up to 25,000 klms to get here, now there’s a recommendation.

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